Blue Greenway
List updated: August 2012


The Blue Greenway is a proposed 13 mile continuation of the Bay Trail through San Francisco that would form the the spine of a new park network through the southeast waterfront.

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Blue Greenway
The San Francisco Bay Trail Project
Planning Areas and Zoning


Major redevelopments have been proposed for Mission Bay and the Hunters Point Shipyard that will greatly change the character of the southeast waterfront. In response to these projects, the San Francisco Planning Department began a community process in several of the eastern neighborhoods to create a set of planning guidelines. Two main goals emerged from this process:

1. To protect Production, Distribution and Repair (PDR) business
2. To create more affordable housing

The southeast waterfront is the only place in the entire city of San Francisco with industrial zoning (PDR) shown in red. These industries are essential to the sustainability of San Francisco, providing support services to the city as well as providing high-paying jobs for those without a college degree. While in the past these industries have placed an unequal environmental and health burden on the adjacent neighborhoods, there is an opportunity to rethink the nature of this sector as heavy industry declines and new opportunities exist to supply food, energy, construction services and transportation to the city in a more responsible way.

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Eastern Neighborhoods Plan
Bayview Hunters Point Area Plan
San Francisco Planning Department Website
Economic Corridors


Several neighborhood associations, merchant groups and non-profits have been working to encourage economic revitalization along the commercial corridors of the southeast waterfront neighborhoods. These areas may benefit as residential growth is planned for the area, and proposed park networks have the potential to attract new visitors to the waterfront.

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Potrero Dogpatch Merchants Association: 22nd St Corridor
3rd St Corridor Project in Bayview
Bayview Merchants Association
India Basin Neighborhood Association Community Vision
Executive Park
Visitation Valley BOOM: Leland Ave
Urban Watersheds


The Southeast Water Pollution Control Plant in Bayview treats 80% of San Francisco's waste water. Because San Francisco has a combined sewer system, this plant cleans both the water from sewers, but also all rainfall that makes it into the city storm drains. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has proposed an urban watershed planning approach for managing storm water and waste water in the city. This may provide future opportunities for enhancing green infrastructure in the southeast waterfront.

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SFPUC's site on Urban Watershed Planning
Waterfront Planning


The Port of San Francisco manages much of the waterfront to the north of India Basin. It developed a masterplan for the waterfront in 1997 that governs the development of maritime operations, recreation and public access and commercial opportunities. In the central waterfront, the Port is in the process of developing Pier 70, beginning with Crane Cove Park and the rehabilitation of many of the historic buildings in the former Bethlehem Steel yards.

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Waterfront Land Use Plan
Pier 70 Area Plans