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This website is the outcome of a 12-week project created by the 2012 Patri Fellow, Alexa Bush. The goals of the project were to create a permanent home and presence for the work of the Patri Fellowship and to increase the awareness about the SouthEast Waterfront.

Far from a comprehensive overview, this site hopes to give a taste of the rich history and ecclectic stories and activities along the SEW to be built upon by future fellows in the program. The research presented here draws heavily from past Fellowship work, interviews conducted with various stakeholders during the summer of 2012, and the community history resources of organizations such as San Francisco City Guides and Shaping San Francisco.

The web design and development was done by Alexa Bush and will be hosted by SPUR. All photographs, audio, maps and graphics that are uncredited were created during the summer fellowship.


The Piero N. Patri Fellowship is made possible through the generous support of the Patri Family, Patri-Merker Architects, and scores of Piero’s friends and associates. Special thanks to Remo Patri, Johanna Patri and Tito Patri for their continued support.

Noah Christman, SPUR
Tomiquia Moss, SPUR
Alma Du Solier, AECOM
Patricia Fonseca, AECOM
Scott Preston, AECOM
David Beaupre, Port of San Francisco
Marcel Wilson, Bionic
Tito Patri
Johanna Patri
Remo Patri

Carol Bach, Port of San Francisco
Anthony Khalil
Patrick Rump, Literacy for Environmental Justice
Bob Isaacson, Mission Creek Conservancy
Ginny Stearns, Mission Creek Conservancy
Olin Webb
Doris Vincent

Whitney Berry, Port of San Francisco
Villy Wang, BAYCAT
Corinne Woods, Mission Bay CAC
Michael Adamow, SFPUC
Rachel Kraai, SFPUC
Rachel Russel, San Francisco Parks Alliance
Malik Looper, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
LisaRuth Elliott, Shaping SF
Oscar James
the Landscape Architecture and Planning studios at AECOM
the many friends who have given me feedback on the site

Mike Ernst
Sara Jensen Carr
Carrie Nielson
Eustacia Brossart
Sarah Moos

Amir Esfahani
Neelu Bhuman
Karen Steen

1. Launch of the USS Monterey from the Union Iron Works, April 28, 1891,
2. Smelt Fishing from Long Bridge, 1869,
3. The Citizens’ Gas Works, Spring 1865,
4. Pacific Rolling Mills,
5. Western Sugar Refinery, n.d., near Union Iron Works, San Francisco,
6. White buyers peruse fresh shrimp on sale at the docks along India Basin in Hunter's Point, early 1930s,
7. 3rd & Evans, January 11, 1921,
8. Pacific Mail Steamship Company's coastwise steamer Montana in the dock about 1870,
9. Hunter's Point in 1941,
10. Bayview Incinerator, 1920,
11. Hunters Point Power Plant, c 2009,
12. Mirant Power Plant, 2010,
13. Striking workers about outside office building of Bethlehem Steel at 20th and Illinois, January 1941,
14. Fire Department burned structures in India Basin to make way for the Navy, 1938,
15. Construction of Potrero Terraces, 1941,
16. 1943-44 shop photo, Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard,
17. Hunters Point Power Plant Protest, 2001,
18. Potrero Terraces overlooking I-280 and 3rd St. area,

Kevin MacLeod

Alexa Bush, the 2012 Piero N. Patri Fellow, is a recent graduate from the University of Virginia School of Architecture where she received a masters degree in Landscape Architecture. She has a bachelor's degree in Visual and Environmental Studies with a focus on filmmaking from Harvard College.